Real life experiences

Click above for film footage of people with MS, Amy from the MS Trust, Neurologist Dr Martin Duddy and MS Specialist Nurses Alan Izat, Sam Colhoun and Carmel Wilkinson sharing their stories of MS Relapse to educate others on the importance of recognising, recording, reporting and reviewing relapses.

Designed by people with MS for people with MS, in collaboration with MS healthcare professionals

SymTrac™ is a free app that helps people with MS track general wellbeing and symptoms over time. The data recorded can be viewed in easy-to-read charts and shared with MS specialist teams to make the most of vital consultation time and support decision making.

SymTrac™ has been accepted onto the NHS Health Apps Library.

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Development of the App has been funded by Novartis


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MUL15-C007 Date of preparation: February 2015